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Our 3 Favourite Experiential Campaigns Ever


Engaging a potential customer in an experience, as opposed to directly selling, can be some of the most effective marketing a brand will ever do. Here at Black Diamond Agency, we know that coming up with a unique idea is half the battle, while the other half is all in the execution. The brands that get both elements just right can see some epic results in their brand growth.

Here are 2 of the coolest campaigns we’ve seen and a third one is a personal favourite that we’ve worked on.



First up is from Lays, the American brand of potato chips. In an experiential marketing campaign back in 2014 in Taiwan, they had members of the public participate as a human claw machine to win as many free chips as they could grab.

Props to the guy that covered himself in sticky tape!!

It was fun, engaging, and nostalgia-evoking and because of this – it went viral! What more could a brand want?

Honestly, this will be one of the best videos you watch online today.


Borat 2

Secondly, a bit closer to home and more recently in 2020 was the PR launch of Borat 2 in Bondi.

The takeover of Bondi Beach, Icebergs and the surrounding area by the massive Borat statue and a tonne of naked Borat was the perfect combination to get people talking both on and offline. If you’ve been living under a rock and never saw this, do yourself a favour and check it out. There’s plenty of mankinis and back hair to go around, we promise!


Lego Masters x Honda & Channel 9

And finally, in the 11 years we’ve been in business we have worked on some incredible campaigns but one of our favourites would have to be this one for LEGO Masters on Channel 9 & Honda.

A life-sized Honda Civic Type R was built from LEGO by LEGO Masters Judge and LEGO Certified Professional, Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, and put on display in shopping centres all over Australia. Brand ambassadors from Black Diamond Agency were on hand to assist with customer enquiries and tell them the facts:

  • The car is made up of over 325,728 LEGO pieces.
  • It weighs over a tonne and almost as much as the real thing.
  • The car took a team of 9 people around 1,300 hours to build.
  • There are no custom pieces of LEGO in the build, in theory, anyone who had enough LEGO bricks could make this themselves.
  • The Brickman’s team used 3D CAD data and a real Civic Type R as a reference to build this car perfectly to scale.

To say this was an absolute showstopper is an understatement. Check it out here:


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