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How to Get the Most Out of Your Brand Ambassadors


Promoting a brand is serious business. It plays a vital role in building relationships and confidence with your prospected customers by creating that “personal touch” that most consumers are looking for in a brand and that digital campaigns lack. It is an opportunity to connect with your audience and make them experience your brand’s personality on a more personal level.

Getting your brand out in the open is such a crucial task, and it’s the reason why every marketer uses people to endorse them. If digital promotions have social influencers, event promotions also have their big guns – the brand ambassadors.


What are brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are individuals who are hired by a company or an agency to represent their brand. These individuals are chosen to talk about the brand and get them engaged in some sort of offer, promotion or activity that has a positive impact on the brand’s representation. Brand ambassadors have always been a valuable part of brand promotions. (Learn about how we hire the best brand ambassadors in the country)


How to get the most out of your brand ambassadors while on-site?

Working with brand ambassadors is no different from working with anyone else. The only difference is that they are trained to broaden the influence of your brand by delivering an effective and unique voice. The more you put value into your relationship with them, the more you get from them.

In our experience, there are certain basics that are needed for brand ambassadors to help them become great and effective in their work.

1. Conduct training

If your goal is to carry out a successful campaign, it is necessary that before any event, the company (with the help of the agency) organise either in-person or online training to make sure that they understand what the brand is all about, the event they will be promoting as well as why they have been hired for the job.

Personally training them on your brand will make each brand ambassador feel more equipped by arming them with knowledge and skills to represent the brand hence solidifying their understanding to deliver consistent messaging when conveying it to the public. This creates confidence and enthusiasm for the brand.

2. Gather for an onsite briefing

The purpose of a group briefing just before an event starts is for you and the brand ambassadors to come together and discuss important points as well as raise questions, address them or deliver them to the proper channels.  This is also a great time to remember the objectives and make sure that everyone is on the same page to avoid confusion.

3. Let them know who’s in charge

Everyone wants to lead, and this often creates confusion among employees.

Sometimes we work with multiple agencies and clients while onsite which can sometimes mean there are too many cooks in the kitchen! Knowing who is in charge gets messages and instructions delivered accurately so there will be no room for miscommunication.

Ensuring that only one person is tasked to give out instructions is key to having a smooth-running event and an efficient working environment.

4. Ensure clear communication

Clear communication is the key to being efficient. It reduces all frustrations that come from misunderstandings and promotes effective management. When delivered well, it helps your brand ambassadors to understand the objectives of the campaign, and this will help them execute it. Make sure the message is clear and reinforce your message.

5. Create a positive working environment

Creating a great place to work is important for one’s mental health, the success of the event and the success of the brand. If an ambassador for the brand feels unhappy, it creates negativity that can affect their work and job performance. When they are stressed out, they tend to get distracted even with the smallest things. Keep in mind that a negative attitude is contagious. If it spreads across the team, this can affect the success of the campaign.

Always remember, happy employees, are loyal employees. Happy employees get the job done. And to keep your employees happy – in this case, your brand ambassadors, create a positive environment for them so that they can feel safe and confident knowing that they matter. We pride ourselves on how well we look after our employees internally and we encourage our clients to do the same when they are onsite with you.

6. Provide feedback

Feedback after a job is done is a good opportunity to either praise for a job well done or offer constructive criticism on areas of improvement. It is said that feedback is a two-way street. Though it is the main obligation of the company or agency to give out, it is also the responsibility of the brand ambassadors. By providing feedback after the shift is done, you can find ways to continuously improve any work that may be completed together in the future but also give the brand ambassadors praise or feedback to grow on a professional level. If the person does their job well, tell them. If not, tell them too as this will help them improve next time.

We guarantee following these 6 steps will have an enormous impact on the success of your campaign.


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