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How to Run a More Eco-Friendly Event


With developing countries comes a greater problem – climate change. It has been one of the great disputes faced by humanity and has a more prominent effect on developing countries due to increased emission of greenhouse gases which has been observed as having a big role in global warming.

In Australia alone, climate change has brought about challenges to everyone in the community, the government, businesses, and the environment. We have seen increases and dramatic changes in temperatures over the years and we expect to continue having the same in the future to come. [1]

As an agency, we recognise that the events industry has a long way to go to improve its impact on the environment and we want to help our clients make better choices when planning their events.


Benefits of running an eco-friendly event

Lessening our impact on the environment and saving the planet has some great benefits that will affect the present and the future to come. Below, we have listed some advantages and why you should consider being more environmentally friendly:

  • Attract talent/employees that have the same goals as the business. Going green gives employees a boost of confidence towards the business because of the TLC it gives to the environment. Goof employees will align themselves with organisations that share the same values.
  • Eco-friendly products are better for your customers’ health. If the product or an item can harm the environment, then how much more for humans? Always choose eco-friendly products because they not only help save the environment from pollution and waste but how they were produced does not harm the consumers because of their all-natural content.
  • Create loyal customers. Your image as an environmentally friendly business has a positive effect on the consumers because it shows how much concern you have for the environment. Younger generations are more environmentally aware and their desire to contribute to the cause and advocacies related to saving the planet will eventually turn them into loyal customers.


6 Simple Tips on How a Business Can Run an Eco-Friendly Event

Saving the environment is our obligation as human beings and as business owners. Even though we cannot yet completely eradicate what harms our environment, we can commit to starting even with the smallest things that would contribute to the cause. Little things, when combined, will become great if everyone does their part.

Below, we discuss some ways in which clients can run more eco-friendly events.

1. Go paperless with digital technology

A mobile device is something that most of us can’t live without nowadays. With the use of event apps, the possibilities of going paperless are endless. Why not use QR codes instead of showing a printed ticket? Or a digital map of the location sent by the organiser rather than a printed map? Why not create an interactive experience instead of giving out paper flyers?

2. Use recycled materials for your marketing collateral

Another thing to consider when going green is the purchase of items made from recycled materials or items that can be reused. The first preference is obviously to go digital or not give out products at all but where this is not possible, thought should be given to suppliers who use recycled materials. If you must give out flyers, do it on recycled paper. If you must give gifts to event attendees give them something that they can use for a long time such as water bottles, eco-friendly umbrellas, wallets made from reused vinyl, eco-ware dishes and so on. Try and find something that isn’t single-use to limit your impact on landfills, careful thought is a must.

3. Setup a waste management plan

With event management comes responsibilities regarding waste. Because of the promotional materials as well as the waste from the before and after activity, a clear plan should be set up thinking of where all the waste will go, to limit the impact on the environment. If you’re doing a mass sampling campaign and there is a chance of leftovers, consider how best to dispose of this. Why not give them to a charity instead of putting them in a bin? If you have items that come in plastic packaging, make sure the packaging is kept separate from other waste and is recycled with soft plastics such as those in Woolworths and Coles. If there are lots of cardboard/paper left over from an event, ensure they are being recycled in appropriate recycling bins instead of just going to the landfill. From our experience, our brand ambassadors are passionate about recycling and will go to the extra effort on an event pack down to ensure waste is recycled accordingly.

4. Choose the right venue

Picking the right venue plays a big part in an environmentally friendly event. Asking the venue management from are they using energy-efficient lighting, or simple things like if there is available tap drinking water where attendees and staff can fill their water bottles, or if they can set up waste bins in places where everyone can easily access are just some of the questions that will help you make the decision or arrange with them.

5. Choose suppliers that have the same standards

Working towards environmentally friendlier events is a much easier task when you engage suppliers that have the same goal in mind. Ask your potential suppliers what they do to limit their impact on the environment. For Black Diamond, we are completely paperless. Our entire hiring, onboarding and briefing process is 100% online which not only saves us money, but also helps the environment, and we are proud of that. Below is a list of event suppliers* that are working towards sustainability:

  • Going Green Solutions – Has the best eco-friendly products for your homes, businesses, and organisations such as environmentally friendly catering wares, personal care products, and gifts
  • Specialty Balloons – They do biodegradable latex balloons
  • Biopak – They provide environmentally friendly packaging such as cups, trays, napkins, straws and more
  • Sustainable Printing Co. – They provide high-quality, eco-friendly printing such as postcards, business cards, brochures, posters, and flyers

*We do not have any association with these suppliers just giving recognition where it’s due!

6. Get everyone involved

Taking the step to go green won’t be successful if, within the business itself, not everyone is adapting to the change. We recommend that the action is applied and implemented with us firsthand before we start preaching to the world, we should “Walk the talk”. Encourage one another, remind one another, and together start making a positive impact on the community.

We also encourage individuals and businesses alike to do our part, not just for ourselves but for our future to come.

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