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What is our Secret Formula for Hiring the Best Brand Ambassadors in the Country?


Here, at Black Diamond, we take our hiring process seriously. The promotional staff we provide for your event or promotional activity undergo tremendous evaluation making sure that we only provide the best brand ambassadors for the job.

This is part of what makes our casual workforce the absolute best in the industry.

We continually refine our process and can confidently say that we have the secret formula which is why our clients and our brand ambassadors love us. That is also part of how the story of Black Diamond began – which also makes us different from the rest. ?

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Why are we so good?

Firstly, we have a dedicated Recruitment Coordinator, Hope, whose sole purpose is to identify amazing brand ambassadors across the country who are the right fit for our company. She has been in the in-game for years and knows a superstar when she sees one. She takes serious pride in her role, and it is reflected in her ability to hire A-grade staff day in, and day out.


What does our hiring process consist of?

1. Post job advertisements

We advertise job vacancies through specific platforms relevant to our industry. It’s a long list of the platforms we use but this has been formulated based on years of experience around what works and what doesn’t. A well-written job description is in place and because of the nature of our business, we always look for those who have the following characteristics: enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, outgoing, and professional.

2. Review of applications

Once we receive the applications, we look at compliance, prior experience and relevant qualifications. Candidates who pass our reviews are shortlisted and contacted to book an interview.

3. Conduct Interviews

The next step is an interview with our dedicated Recruitment Coordinator, Astra-lia, where we ask relevant questions regarding the position they are applying for and assess each candidate if they are fit for the position. We are also assessing their personality, enthusiasm, bubbly nature and ability to communicate as this is a very key part of the work they will be booked for.

4. Reference Checks

After the interview, we conduct multiple reference checks on each employee to clarify their working history, and background and understand if they come highly recommended.

5. Onboarding

Applicants who passed the above-mentioned processes are professionally welcomed aboard. We onboard them into our agency, and explain our values and how we operate. We are completely paper-free and do this entire process through our own online employee portal. We also lay down the benefits of them working with us, and their work insurance, and answer all questions they may have. We also show them how to use our internal app which is where they can see their shifts and timesheets.

The great thing about Black Diamond is that we treat our newly hired brand ambassadors as family. We don’t see them as any different from the rest of the team. Doing it this way guarantees a good employee-employer relationship and this puts confidence in the company they work for. Our brand ambassadors are some of the most loyal in the country and it’s because they know we genuinely care about them; they are not just a number (even though there are hundreds of them). We are one very large family!

6. Training

Once we’ve hired a new brand ambassador, they then attend a compulsory training day. This is part of our standard hiring process – to make sure that our promotional staff are knowledgeable of their duties and responsibilities as well as equip them with an understanding of the industry we work in and specific skills relevant to their role. Doing this will ensure that we only provide the most well-trained promotional staff for your events.

After the meticulous hiring process and the final conduction of training, we are now ready and confident to deploy our brand ambassadors to represent your brand onsite!

Our hiring process is long and complex, but the result is an absolute A-team of staff that are ready to work for your brand across the country. And that’s why we know it’s well worth it! Find a competitor that puts as much dedication into their brand ambassadors, we’ll wait. ?

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