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The Importance of Hiring the Right People to Represent Your Brand


Brand representation is not just about designing a nice logo and creating a cool website – though it is a part of it, it is not always the visual stuff. There is more to that. [1]

According to recent studies, people remember bad memories more easily and in greater detail. Often, it is the negative experiences that grab our attention that influences the decisions we make.[2] If we are to apply this in terms of marketing, the impression we give can either make or break a brand. As we know, consumers expect a lot from a brand, and part of their expectations comes from the experience that later affects their buying decisions.[3]

If we are to do a promotional campaign, having the right people to represent our brand is crucial for many reasons. Below we list the main ones.

1. It saves you time

Hiring the best staff to represent your brand will prevent you from checking all the time and needing to micromanage, thinking about whether they are doing their job. The right people for the job have a sense of responsibility and a passion for what they do.

2. Your brand provides the best customer experience

A frowning brand representative is the last thing you want on your list. They should be all smiles, patient, and someone who people can confidently approach and give off a positive, friendly vibe. People with these characteristics can provide consumers with the best experience they’ll have with your brand.

3. It helps your business grow

The right people contribute to the growth of the business. They go all out and beyond your expectations. They talk right, act right and ensure quality service. They exist to help build a strong connection with the consumers. They help create a brand identity that lasts a long time.

With the right people on board, you can expect success with your campaign which will eventually help you achieve your marketing goals.

4. They protect your brand image

A-grade brand ambassadors will showcase your brand in the exact light you wish to be presented. Do you want them to be fun, outgoing, and a little on the wild side? Or perhaps more corporate or professional. You set the tone for how your brand ambassadors represent your company and this is then passed down the line to how customers experience your brand.

5. They exude professionalism

Brand ambassadors may encounter different kinds of consumers. In any case, the people you choose must be mindful of how they interact with everyone. Consumers are human, and humans are unique.

The point is, the right people for the job are those who set aside these differences, and at the same time, do their job well so that people will have a positive experience towards the brand.


Final Words

When hiring brand ambassadors, source them from an agency that has a proven track record and experience. Remember, who you choose to represent your brand has a big role to play in every promotional campaign.

Partnering with a trusted agency will take the burden off hiring and choosing the right people for the job. Black Diamond has a rigorous process of hiring brand ambassadors to ensure that we only provide you with the best.

Once you’re ready to discuss your project with us, send us a message at or call us on (02) 8319 5544.

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