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8 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Event Staffing Agency


When a company plans an event, one of the things they consider is getting an event staffing agency to handle the execution. The most crucial part of it is choosing the right agency to fulfil such a big role and one thing that’s for sure, it is not as simple as it looks.

Below, we have listed some of the things you would need to consider before selecting an agency.

1. Do your homework

The first thing in planning is doing research. You may ask around for any recommendations, but it should not end there. The next thing to do is to go to the event staffing agency’s website and check their testimonials page, to see who and what their clients are saying about them. You may also go through their Facebook page and read through the comments and reviews or simply ask Google and check their ratings and reviews. Doing these things will tell you a lot about the company and how they work. If, for example, that agency doesn’t fit the bill, you can always look for another who matches your criteria.

Black Diamond has received a lot of love from our clients over the years. But don’t just take our word for it:

2. Know how they hire their staff

Most agencies have some sort of hiring process but how good is it? Do they conduct interviews, do they verify compliance and employee rights to work, do they do background checks, do they do reference checks?

With Black Diamond, we are proud to say that before we hire people, we meet them eye to eye – whether it is personal or due to our present circumstances with Covid, via video calls. We talk to our applicants without making them feel intimidated so that they can feel relaxed when we do our interviews. Through this, we can evaluate them and see their true potential. Our hiring process is extensive and you view all the details here.

? Did you know that because Black Diamond has the best brand ambassadors in the country we receive a lot of client and staff love? Yes, it’s true! Our brand ambassadors also get hired by our clients as internal staff because of how amazed they were at our staff’s performance. Also, our brand ambassadors have been with us for many years, and they chose to stay because they see how different Black Diamond is compared with other agencies!

3. Know if they train their staff

Part of our culture of hiring people is training them after they are successfully hired by our agency. Our training consists of extensive online training to give them the fundamentals of how we operate as an agency to produce the best results for our clients, customer service and experiential marketing.

We believe that knowledge empowers people, and this will give them a boost of confidence as they are deployed onsite.

4. Understand if they take compliance seriously

There are a few important questions to answer before hiring an event staffing agency:

  • Do they have national public liability insurance?
  • Do they have Work Cover policies in each state they operate?
  • Do they have a Labour Hire licence in QLD, VIC, and ACT to operate in those states?

Did you know? If you book an agency to provide staff in QLD, VIC or the ACT and they don’t have a labour-hire licence, YOU can be fined (as well as them).

More info here:




The event staffing agency’s compliance with labour-hire and insurance protects your businesses as well as the promo staff in unexpected circumstances as well as ensuring that employees are looked after as they are legally required to be.

Do your research and more importantly, know to ask these questions before making the final decision.

5. Do they have cost transparency?

Event planning always has a budget and if you are the event planner of the company, it is your job to stay within its limits. And what better way to gauge if the event staffing agency matches your requirements is by how honest they are with their costs.

Black Diamond charges staff at an hourly rate with a management fee on top. No hidden costs. Simple, transparent pricing.

6. Are they willing to collaborate?

For an event to run smoothly as possible, cooperation between your company and the staffing agency is a must. Both teams should always work hand in hand and see each other eye to eye. Make sure that when everybody decides, both are comfortable with it or meet halfway.

7. Do they have a database of people to choose from?

More people mean you’ll have more options to choose from that match your event requirements. Black Diamond has over 500 casual staff available Australia-wide, so there’s no need to worry about where your event will be held. All our staff have undergone a rigorous process of hiring, and training, and are fit for deployment onsite.

Whether it’s a big or small event, we can handle your staffing requirements!

8. Do they have undeniable industry experience?

Lastly, what you need to look for in hiring an event staffing agency is their industry experience. Experience says a lot. If the agency has been around for many years, it means that it must be doing something right!

Black Diamond has been around for 11 years and we’re still going strong despite the present circumstances of Covid-19 and operating in one of the most highly impacted industries.

  • We are continuously hiring to make sure we can handle all your present and future staffing needs.
  • We’ve done excellent jobs backed by big and repeating clients.
  • We know how to prevent and handle risks in challenging campaigns.
  • We will go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with our staff and our service every.single.time

Choosing the right agency is so important to get your staffing needs right. Send us a message or call us on (02) 8319 5544

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