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How Face to Face Interaction Affects Consumer Behaviour


Digital marketing is obviously a popular communication tool for businesses big or small to promote their products or services online. From social media, email marketing and paid ads, allows businesses to connect with targeted audiences and generate sales. But even in this digital age, the need to interact with people face-to-face cannot be replaced and is still a very important tool to generate leads, boost sales and increase brand awareness.

In a study by Forbes, it is said that face-to-face meetings are still widely preferred especially for cases that have a decision-making process, or when there’s a need for significant persuasion. [1]


Understanding Face-to-Face Interaction

Face-to-face interaction refers to the act of directly communicating with people through in-person communication. This can include meetings, product samplings or demonstrations, events, and exhibitions. It is an effective way to engage with people and build a personal connection that is not achieved through digital communication.


How Face-to-Face Interaction Affects Consumer Behaviour

Most businesses find face-to-face interaction effective. It helps you connect with consumers on a more personal level where digital marketing can’t. It allows them to see and experience your brand up close and firsthand. If you are persuading people, convincing them face-to-face is a better option because it is harder for people to say “no” in person than to talk to them online. [2]


Here are 6 Reasons How Face to Face Interaction Affects Consumer Behaviour

1. Generates Better ROI

Meeting an individual in person helps shape their experience into a positive one. If someone sampled or bought your product and they were happy with the whole experience, that one person will surely tell somebody about how that left them feeling. From that alone, you’ll find how valuable face-to-face marketing is. It does not only help shape a positive experience, but it also creates a domino effect. One sale can lead to five and so on. The more positive memorable experience they have, the more likely they will recommend your business and brand to others.

2. It brings the consumer to you

Digital marketing, though effective, gets harder every year. We’re not saying it’s a lost cause, but anyone who does digital marketing can testify to how it’s becoming harder to reach target audiences organically and how long it takes to get results. This is the reason why face-to-face is so effective. Instead of waiting for people to find you via search results, social media or through other referrals, face-to-face interactions such as expo, product samplings or pop-ups gets people’s attention which can instantly bring consumers to your business.

3. Builds relationships and trust

Meeting consumers in person, and spending time and effort with them is essential in building long-term relationships. People tend to connect more with brands they recognise and can speak to through your representative personally. The more the consumers feel the connection, the more they develop trust with the brand. Think of it as adding a personal touch.

4. It makes you visible and accessible

When consumers see your staff members physically, this gives them comfort that someone is out there waiting to put their worries or concerns at ease. Anyone can talk to you, through a real person. You put yourself at the forefront waiting for prospective consumers that will want to know about what you offer.

5. Helps you communicate effectively

Sometimes, written words can be misinterpreted. The tone of your content can be misread and may leave your readers confused. On the other hand, in-person communication can come off as more natural and effective. People can see your facial expressions while talking, and your body language, they can also hear the tone of your voice while answering issues and concerns as well as how you represent yourself. Remember, communication is not just made up of words that make it effective. In fact, according to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Communication model, we quote:

“7% of the meaning of feelings and attitudes takes place through the words we use in spoken communications, while 38% takes place through tone and voice and the remaining 55% of communication of these factors take place through the body language we use (specifically our facial expressions).”

6. Addresses concerns quickly

We’re sure a lot can attest to this, answering concerns and issues becomes faster when done in person compared to going back and forth FOR A DAY or so with an email or other messaging platforms. Face-to-face interaction can also eliminate the technical difficulties emerging from technologies, such as a dropped call that ruins a brand’s reputation.



Face-to-face interaction is an effective communication tool that can benefit your brand in so many ways. You can generate ROI, brings consumers to your business, builds relationship and trust that can turn prospective audiences into loyal customers, makes you easily available and visible, helps you communicate naturally and effectively, and helps address concerns and issues in a much faster way. Though digital marketing is proven effective and works hand in hand with face-to-face interaction, we can never deny the fact that there’s a lot more than just the written word and online content. We need to remember that humans are social beings. And as social beings, we need to connect physically. Use that need for your benefit.

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