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Why Hire a Temporary Staffing Agency?


“Never in our history have we had the hole in this number of workers at the same time sick – it’s a big, big crisis economically and personally for everyone affected.” [1]

With businesses back, owners and marketing professionals are having to respond to an ever-changing environment. There’s a sudden increase in demand for casual workers to work as extra hands for brand activation, promotional events, and experiential marketing campaigns.

Agencies like Black Diamond are helping event professionals and business owners overcome this gap by increasing their capacity for finding talent at scale.

BD Ambassadors at Various Experiential Marketing Campaigns in April and May 2022_1


The biggest gain in hiring a temporary staffing agency is that they offer you a scalable workforce. If you need to increase or decrease staff numbers on the fly, they can be called in as needed. This means that you don’t have to commit to casual hires if your event is not going ahead as planned.

Hiring a temporary staffing agency also allows you to take advantage of their flexibility. They can provide workers who are available for long periods, like several weeks or even months at once, without the need for any break periods in between assignments – something which will come as welcome news for everyone who needs someone but who may not want them available all year round!

Black Diamond Agency has over 500 brand ambassadors available in our database that can cater to your events wherever you are in the country.

Types of staff we can provide:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Promotional Staff
  • Corporate Hosts
  • Customer Service Assistants
  • Retail Staff
  • Lead Generation Staff
  • Event Assistants
  • Food & Beverage Attendants
  • Mascots
  • Costume Characters
  • Specialist delivery staff
  • Supervisors
  • Event Managers
  • + if it’s not listed here, just ask!


BD Ambassadors at Various Experiential Marketing Campaigns in April and May 2022_2


Type of events can we provide staff at:

  • Retail experiences
  • Store openings
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Shopping centre pop-ups
  • Corporate events
  • Food & beverage sampling
  • Annual public events
  • Sporting sponsorships
  • PR campaigns
  • Movie premieres
  • Street teams






With businesses back and doing a lot of brand activation, events, promo, or marketing campaigns to connect with people once again – that means you need to be ready for the challenges ahead.

It’s more important than ever to be able to find and hire staff quickly to meet the needs of your brand.

The best way to find people who can keep up with your demands is through a reliable and professional temporary event staffing agency like ours!

We offer passionate, energetic, extroverted staff that matches your every requirement. And with over 500 staff to choose from, available Australia-wide, trust that we can keep up with your demands.

Are you ready for your next activation? Call us on (02) 8319 5544 or send us a message, today!





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