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Client Spotlight: Humm Events


At the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 90th Anniversary

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia’s most famous landmark opened to the public on March 19, 1932. It was such an innovative structure envisioned by engineer John Bradfield. He called for a design that he believes will not just get you across the harbour but something that would bring communities together, improve the economy and sustain the city.

Around one million people crossed the bridge either on foot, with horses, cars, trams, or trains on the opening day.


Celebrations over the years

In recognition of the founding of the much-loved Sydney Harbour Bridge, events are held at certain milestones.


Hundreds of people began their walk over the well-known landmark on March 18, 2007, as part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 75th-anniversary celebration. A welcome ceremony for distinguished visitors was also held earlier that day. The boats in the harbour then sounded their horns as NSW Governor Marie Bashir cut the ribbon.


This year, NSW is back at it again to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There were so many activities for the young and the young at heart. There were vintage train, ferry, and bus trips, breathtaking projections on the Bridge pylons, and community events. [1]


Black Diamond’s Role in the 90th Anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Black Diamond Agency was so thrilled after the news of going to be a part of this year’s grandiose celebration.

Humm Events has partnered with Black Diamond to provide them with casual event staff. They were looking to hire 3x event managers and 7x brand ambassadors to run the activities such as vintage train rides, vintage bus rides etc.

It was a fun and wonderful day for everybody. Here are some snapshots of our brand ambassadors in action.




Another proud moment here at Black Diamond Agency. ?

We were able to deliver on our promise of providing casual event staff based on our client’s demands.

Our brand ambassadors were able to assist and bring more fun and energy to the event. Kudos to everyone!

Planning an event soon? Black Diamond can provide staff for:

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We offer passionate, energetic, extroverted staff that matches your every requirement. And with over 500 staff to choose from, available Australia-wide, trust that we can keep up with your demands.

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