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Top 4 Secrets to Build Consumer Brand Loyalty


Top 4 Secrets to Build Consumer Brand Loyalty: What We Can Learn from Samsung

Repeat purchases and positive word of mouth are what define brand loyalty. Whenever the customers buy regularly and always have favourable experiences, the company that owns the brand gains a competitive edge. And because the consumers have an impact on a brand’s success, companies are doing their best to encourage brand loyalty as this results in higher sales that help with the growth of the company. (Giddens, 2010)

Establishing brand loyalty in a buyer-empowered marketplace is becoming difficult for businesses as consumers have become deafened to their advertising. Because businesses don’t want to fall short of their standard marketing practices, they have levelled up their efforts to build loyalty among their consumers through Experiential Marketing.

There are a few principles that we can learn from the top well-known brand Samsung that we can keep in mind when implementing experiential marketing strategies to establish consumer brand loyalty.


Samsung’s ‘The Night. Reimagined’. The Road to Building Brand Loyalty

People have become so used to traditional advertising and are longing for a more organic style of marketing.

Leah Judge, the author of Agency EA’s “2019 Experiential Marketing Trend Report, said and we quote:

“Experiences are very immersive, and audiences are craving them,” Judge said. “A person may not remember the details of an event they go to, but they’ll always remember how it made them feel”.[2]

Events are a great method to give potential customers a memorable experience that will lead to a long-term commitment and a higher return on investment. Let’s look at Samsung’s strategy.

Images from Samsung’s Facebook Page, The Night. Reimagined. — at Sydney Opera House


Identify target audience

In 2018, Samsung put up a project ‘The Night. Reimagined’ at Vivid Sydney – a yearly festival of lights event and music with performances by local and international musicians. The brand activation targeted people from all walks of life, they wanted it family-friendly and something that will allow children and adults to have a wonderful, unparalleled experience thus putting a lot of thinking into this project. Their efforts didn’t go to waste as it was dubbed as Samsung’s most successful experiential campaign, and it was no doubt that part of the success was brought by knowing their target audiences. [1]

There a plenty of ways to attract an audience but it is important to note that not every type of engagement will reach a specific customer. With the way Samsung understand its audience, they were able to position itself accordingly and people paid attention.

Building concept that shines

Samsung worked in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House as the Principal Partner to produce an exceptional experience.

The concept of Samsung’s installation is simple – bringing the AR emoji, a Galaxy S9 feature, on a bigger scale. Samsung projects people’s faces onto the historic Luna Park façade during Vivid Sydney using the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. They create an activation that brought out the idea, their brand, as well as the AR emoji feature fitting the major reason why people come to visit Vivid Sydney which is to go to see the stunning light installations. It was well thought of from the colour of the floorings, lighting effect patterns, viewing aspects, accessibility, and the wind rating was also considered. [1]

Here, we can see how it is important to build concepts that will keep your audiences engaged with your products or services and that is what Samsung has done.

They have integrated their brand and the Galaxy S9 features in their installation in profound ways. The spectacular entrance to the activation, for example, pays homage to the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera’s mechanical aperture design feature, while the balcony allowed attendees to use the Samsung Galaxy S9 to take low-light photos from one of the best views of Sydney which puts the product to its intended use. [1]

Engage with the audience

During the Vivid Sydney event, Samsung has given the audience unique experiences that strengthen their bond with them. Samsung has shown the power of an experiential event to fascinate its audience. They went out to make use of their partnerships, and technology, build amazing concepts and paid relentless attention to their audiences’ experience. They wowed their audience through the installation and the experience they created.

Every person who made it through the installation received a piece of personalised SMS or email after their visit. They got their 9s super slo-mo video taken down their way, personalised AR emoji, and their AR Emoji on the face of Luna Park. [1]

The on-screen broadcast to Luna Park at the heart of the activity allowed spectators to see their AR Emoji transform the face of the theme park in real-time, while the theme park’s camera took a professional snapshot of the façade to give to them straight away. [1]

A brand to remember

Samsung’s brilliant installation has created such an immersive experience for its consumers. It was made possible through their collaboration with their partners to bring their brand to life by putting their technology at the heart of that experience. They created an enjoyable, genuine, and unforgettable technology experience with Vivid Sydney and the Sydney Opera House that makes them one to remember.



Establishing brand loyalty is necessary for a buyer-empowered marketplace. Consumers are deafened by traditional advertising that they are now craving unique experiences. Brands have found a way to make it possible through Experiential Marketing.

There are many things that we can learn from what Samsung has done through their installation of ‘The Night. Reimagined’ in the Vivid Sydney event in 2018. The success of their project has been made possible because they were able to follow principles that build consumer brand loyalty. They were able to identify their target audiences and provide them with a unique experience that they will remember for a long time. They’ve used their wits, partnerships, technology, and no doubt partnered with trustworthy people that helped them assist the audiences throughout the activation. These types of efforts are what consumers are craving and Samsung’s activation campaign is something they needed to see and experience. In the end, it was dubbed as Samsung’s most successful experiential campaign which we do know will have a lasting effect on their relationship with consumers and increase their ROI over time.


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