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How do we match our staff to each job?

Our number one goal on each client booking is to ensure we match the right staff for the requirements of the job. There is great skill required in order to do this successfully. We have refined the process over more than 12 years and now have it down to fine art.


Client Spotlight: Humm Events

Humm Events has partnered with Black Diamond to provide them with casual event staff. They were looking to hire 3x event managers and 7x brand ambassadors to run the activities such as vintage train rides, vintage bus rides etc. It was a fun and wonderful day for everybody. Here are some snapshots of our brand ambassadors in action.


Client Spotlight: Tourism Ireland / Three Wise Bees

Tourism Ireland has partnered with Three Wise Bees to help them with their marketing campaigns in Australia. Three Wise Bees is a PR consultancy agency in charge of increasing clients’ sales and boosting brand awareness to help them reach their target markets. It was them who contacted Black Diamond Agency to provide them with staff for this activation.


Why Hire a Temporary Staffing Agency?

With businesses back, owners and marketing professionals are having to respond to an ever-changing environment. There’s a sudden increase in demand for casual workers to work as extra hands for brand activation, promotional events, and experiential marketing campaigns.


5 Reasons Why Robots Can’t Replace Human Workforce

From simple extraction and spot welding, today, more and more robots with diverse purposes are seen in the workplace especially when the pandemic hit. It became more reasonable to use them as they can’t get sick. While this is true, nothing can completely replace humans at work and here’s why.


4 Brands We Helped Make an Impact

For 12 years, we’ve provided services to hundreds of clients for all their promotional staffing needs be it in retail, product sampling, tradeshows, events, pop-ups and more. We go above and beyond for our clients while looking out for the welfare of our employees.


Why Pop-Up Stores Should Be Considered in Your Marketing Strategy

Pop-up stores have proven their effectiveness since they began. That is why big brands have included it in their marketing strategies because it gets you in front of an otherwise untapped market without the need to rent a permanent location for a long time. Here are some of the other benefits of why it should be part of your marketing strategy.


5 Product Sampling Mistakes to Avoid

When introducing new products on the market, all businesses come up with plenty of ideas to appeal to the masses. Product sampling started in the 1850s and is still around today because it’s been proven effective over the years. Here are some of the product sampling mistakes you need to avoid so your sampling campaign doesn’t fall into that trap.


Is Experiential Marketing Dead?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone everywhere around the globe. Just here in Australia, we’re all aware of the series of lockdowns and restrictions that have been placed in each state over the past twelve months which has invalidated people, activities, and businesses of all sizes. Now, after all those months of uncertainty, we are finally seeing the light. As of this writing, we are back in business!


What is Experiential Marketing?

The power of experiential marketing as a form of advertising lies in its ability to create an emotional response from consumers. The most successful experiential campaigns have been those that have found creative ways to trigger emotions such as happiness, awe, and excitement. Find out how this technique can leverage your event, trade shows, or any other campaigns and drive conversion.


How Face to Face Interaction Affects Consumer Behaviour

The need to interact with people face-to-face cannot be replaced and is still a very important tool to generate leads, boost sales and increase brand awareness. In a study by Forbes, it is said that face-to-face meetings are still widely preferred especially for cases that have a decision-making process, or when there’s a need for significant persuasion.


The Benefits of Using a Temporary Recruitment Agency

Recruiting agencies are used by employers to find the right people to fill a vacancy in their company on a short-term, temporary, contractual, or permanent basis. The use of this kind of service is popular because it takes away the grunt of work for businesses to find the right employees for the roles they have to fill.


Our 3 Favourite Experiential Campaigns Ever

Engaging a potential customer in an experience, as opposed to directly selling, can be some of the most effective marketing a brand will ever do. Here at Black Diamond Agency, we know that coming up with a unique idea is half the battle, while the other half is all in the execution. The brands that get both elements just right can see some epic results in their brand growth.


5 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Market Your Brand

Creating marketing campaigns where your customers get a first-hand experience of your service or product is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and ultimately boost sales. Whether it’s attending a trade show, setting up a pop-up shop, or handing out product samples – these activities often require a lot of time and people to successfully run it.


Permit vs Guerrilla Street Teams – Which One is Best for Your Brand?

Street team activations are a great way to build brand awareness, generate buzz and increase market visibility. It is also very cost-effective since it can reach thousands of people in a short period of time. Although very effective, one of the biggest decisions brands are faced with is whether they should or shouldn’t get permits for the activation.


What Makes a Successful Event Staffing Agency?

Pulling off a successful event or brand activation isn’t just about the management and logistics of an event. What makes a campaign a winner is the knowledge and passion of the staff who are representing your brand, as well as 4 key factors the event agency should be delivering on.


How to Run a COVID-Safe Retail Pop Up?

The current pandemic has led us to rethink the way we activate a retail pop up on behalf of our clients. It’s critical that we think outside the box to create memorable experiences while ensuring our pop-ups are COVID-safe — for our staff and the general public.


12 Charities in 12 Months: Black Diamond Agency’s New Initiative

Given the current climate and the continuing challenges we face as a nation, Black Diamond Agency is proud to share our new initiative. To show our support to those in need, we will be donating $1,000 a month to a different charity for the next 12 months. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and would like to use our success as a business to give back to the community.


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