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Employee Retention: Why It’s So Important to Look After Your Staff


As most businesses know, finding and hiring the right staff is essential to a company’s success. Often the focus is on finding staff but not on keeping them.  That’s where Black Diamond is different. 

Employee retention means creating a workplace culture and environment that employees enjoy, offering competitive salaries and benefits, and providing opportunities for growth and development within the company.

In the events and promo industry, where events and campaigns often require many staff members, retaining experienced and reliable staff can differentiate between a successful campaign and a complete flop. Not to mention the time and money spent recruiting and training new staff members.

So, why is employee retention so crucial, and how do we ensure our staff stick around? Below are some tips on what we do! 

1. Foster a Positive Work Environment

One key aspect of retaining staff is fostering a positive work environment. We encourage open communication and collaboration among team members, recognising and appreciating their contributions and achievements. We also send out anonymous surveys to employees on a regular basis to get their feedback on their managers and how we operate, so we can improve. Encouraging feedback ensures that everyone feels valued and that we are continuously evolving as a business.

2. Provide Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Providing competitive pay rates and benefits is another crucial factor in retaining our staff. We review and adjust rates to remain competitive, ensuring our employees feel adequately compensated. 

3. Recognise and Reward Performance

Recognising and rewarding performance is vital to employee retention within our organisation. To ensure our employees feel valued and appreciated, we have implemented a formal recognition program that acknowledges their outstanding achievements. This program includes a variety of incentives designed to inspire and motivate our employees to excel in their roles:

  • Performance-based incentives are offered for roles where key performance indicators (KPIs) are established, allowing us to reward exceptional work with bonuses.
  • Compensation for any last-minute shift cancellations, ensuring that they do not miss out on valuable work opportunities.
  • Going above and beyond for our agency deserves special recognition. That is why we surprise two exceptional staff members every quarter with meaningful gifts. These outstanding contributions are also celebrated with our national team.

By implementing these extra incentives and recognition initiatives, we actively encourage our employees to remain dedicated and continue surpassing expectations in their respective roles

4. Promote Growth and Development

We believe in promoting from within and providing opportunities for growth and development. When our staff members are ready for a new challenge, we offer promotions to Team Leader and Event Manager positions. Some examples who were promoted to internal full-time positions include Diana, who excelled and became the National Staffing Manager. Hope, who was promoted to Recruitment Coordinator. Chelsea, who advanced to Staffing Manager. Lauren, who now serves as our Sales and Marketing Coordinator. These success stories exemplify our commitment to recognising and rewarding our employees’ hard work and dedication. 

5. Offer Work Flexibility

We understand that work-life balance is important to our staff, so we offer flexibility in terms of when, where, and on what campaigns they work. This flexibility allows our employees to have more control over their schedules and align their work with their personal needs and preferences.


Retaining staff also benefits our agency and clients in the events and promo industry. Here’s how retaining staff benefits our clients:

1. Consistency and Expertise

By keeping experienced and reliable staff members, we differentiate ourselves from competitors. Retained staff ensure consistency and expertise in delivering our services. Clients can rely on familiar faces who understand their specific needs and requirements, providing valuable insights and solutions based on their experience.

2. Seamless Execution

Retaining staff leads to the seamless execution of events and campaigns. With a retained staff already familiar with our company’s processes and systems, they can execute projects more efficiently, minimising errors and delays. Clients can expect smoother event execution and campaign management, resulting in successful outcomes.

3. Cost Savings

Cost savings is another advantage of staff retention. By keeping our employees, we reduce recruitment and training costs associated with new hires. These cost savings indirectly benefit our clients through competitive pricing. Clients can allocate their budget more effectively towards other aspects of their events or campaigns, maximising the value they receive from our services.

4. Stronger Client Relationships

Staff retention contributes to stronger client relationships. Long-term relationships between retained staff and clients develop trust and rapport. Our staff members, familiar with clients’ preferences and goals, can provide personalised service. Clients feel valued and understood, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.


By implementing effective retention strategies, Black Diamond creates a supportive work environment, nurtures employee growth, and delivers consistent and high-quality services to our clients.

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