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Five things to get the most out of your event staff


In the event and casual promo staffing industry, success hinges on the preparedness and performance of your staff. At Black Diamond Agency, a well-prepared team is critical to creating exceptional client experiences. This blog post explores how you can best prepare your staff to maximise their potential and deliver outstanding results.

1. Train online or in person

Whether through virtual sessions or in-person workshops, investing in comprehensive training for your staff is crucial. By offering online and in-person options, you provide flexibility while ensuring each team member receives the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Engaging in training sessions not only equips staff with essential event-related expertise but also fosters a sense of confidence and professionalism.


2. Provide briefing details five days before

Timely and detailed briefings are vital for setting clear expectations and ensuring a smooth event execution. Providing briefing details at least five days in advance gives your staff ample time to prepare, ask questions, and familiarise themselves with the event specifics. This early communication enhances their ability to deliver exceptional customer service, engage with attendees, and represent your brand effectively.


3. Have someone dedicated onsite to help manage

In facilitating seamless operations and optimising staff performance, it is essential to have a dedicated onsite manager or coordinator. This individual acts as a point of contact for the team, provides guidance, addresses any concerns, and ensures that everyone is working cohesively towards the event objectives. Having onsite support boosts staff morale and guarantees efficient communication and effective problem-solving, resulting in a successful event. Black Diamond Agency can provide on-site managers if required.


4. Foster good communication

Clear and open lines of communication are vital for successful event staffing. Encourage staff to share their ideas, concerns, and feedback, and create a culture that values open dialogue. By establishing effective communication channels, such as team meetings and regular check-ins, you promote collaboration, identify areas for improvement, and foster a motivated workforce dedicated to exceeding expectations.


5. Provide clear objectives and instructions

It is crucial to provide clear and detailed instructions. Communicate the event’s goals, the client’s expectations, and each team member’s specific tasks and responsibilities. By setting a clear direction, you empower your staff to perform at their best, enabling them to deliver the desired outcomes and create a remarkable event experience for your clients.


How do these benefit you?

Implementing these staff preparation strategies unlocks a transformative chain of benefits extending beyond our team’s growth. Equipping our staff with the necessary tools and resources creates an environment conducive to outstanding performance, positively impacting our clients. 


1. Enhanced Professionalism

Our well-trained staff exudes professionalism and is equipped with the skills to represent your brand and engage attendees effectively, leaving a lasting impression.


2. Smooth Event Execution

Timely briefings, dedicated onsite management, and effective communication ensure that events run seamlessly, delivering a flawless experience for our clients and attendees.


3. Improved Satisfaction

With a team that is well-prepared, focused, and aligned with the event objectives, we can consistently exceed expectations, leading to higher client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

The positive feedback we receive from our clients is a testament to their satisfaction with the outstanding experiences we create together.


“Damian arrived on time at Mulgrave and is fitting in well already

He made us aware that his partner Hope (who was a fantastic temp for us in the past and some of the team still remember) now works for Black Diamond? Small world!” 

– Tesla

“We have been very happy with your service in providing staff for our retail pop up. We found your organisation to be very professional from the first enquiry to the last shift. You made staffing the stall a whole lot simpler than it would have been without your help.

All your staff were friendly and professional in their demeanour. Those who stood out because of their extra engagement were Krystal McKinley, Angela Ebner and Caitlyn McKenna.

Thank you again for all the help you have provided for Compassion during the last couple of months. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.” 

– Compassion Australia


“Thanks again for everyone’s amazing effort!! I can’t express how proud I am of our continued work together and being able to have an amazing team who are just as excited with our pop ups and growing the brand.” 

– Shein


“Diana and all the staff were amazing.

A particular shout out to Diana and Samuel the MC. Samuel was extremely energetic and engaging with the crowd. He is super talented!

Diana was so lovely and a great Event Manager. She managed the staff well and also was on top of the queue management” 

– Samuel


“I wanted to say that the team were absolutely FANTASTIC! From the moment I arrived (all flustered and running late) to the moment they went home, they were amazing. Our stand was one of the busiest on the day and they were so engaging with everyone who came up to them, answering all the questions they could and listening to peoples conversations and comments on the cars. Absolutely amazing.

I will definitely be coming back for our next event and passing your details over to all our Brisbane and Gold Coast dealers for any events they may be looking for promotional staff.” 

– MG Australia


At Black Diamond Agency, we believe investing in our staff’s preparation and training is crucial to delivering exceptional event experiences. By providing comprehensive training, timely briefings, dedicated onsite support, effective communication, and clear instructions, you empower your team to excel and maximise their potential. This commitment to staff preparation benefits your team and translates into unparalleled client satisfaction, setting your events apart from the competition.

Unlock the full potential of your staff and create unforgettable events with Black Diamond Agency. Contact us today to experience the difference.

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