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How do we match our staff to each job?


Our number one goal on each client booking is to ensure we match the right staff for the requirements of the job. There is great skill required in order to do this successfully. We have refined the process over more than 12 years and now have it down to fine art.

So how do we do it?

Firstly, one of the things we need from our clients to help ensure the right fit is to get a detailed description of the job.

Once we have that information, it’s over to our Staffing Managers to work their magic.

Firstly, all our casual staff have access to a company app that allows them to see all the shifts we have available in their city and details about the job. After viewing all the details, checking they meet the requirements and checking their availability for the dates/times required, they can then apply to work the job through the app.

Every city where we have a team of staff has a dedicated Staffing Manager. The Staffing Managers’ job is first and foremost to know their team well, know their strengths and weaknesses and use these skills to match them to the right kinds of work.

The Staffing Managers are looking at a number of things to work out who is going to be the best fit. They look at: their resume, their initial application to join the agency, their interview notes from our Recruitment Coordinator as well as the notes from the reference checks conducted when they were hired. If they have worked for us before they can also check feedback stored on their profile from all previous jobs which include feedback from previous clients and fellow employees and supervisors who have worked with them before, as well as internal notes such as the number of times the person has cancelled on a shift or their performance on a job where they got mystery shopped.

After looking at all of this information if the Staffing Manager is still not confident, they will then do an additional phone screen to go through the exact requirements of the job and why they are the right fit.

Once the Staffing Manager has chosen the best staff for the job, they have to confirm their shift through the app and only once this is done, will your Account Manager share the confirmed roster with you and the selected staff.

What can you do as a client to help us secure the best staff for your job?

  1. Give us a minimum of 3 weeks lead time. While we can absolutely work to short deadlines, if you want the very best staff you have to book them ahead of time before other clients book them. The best ones are in demand so you need to get in first. The less lead time you give us the smaller the pool of staff we have to draw from.
  2. Be clear and detailed in the job description of the role you need us to fill. We hire for a wide range of roles so it’s important for us to know things like: is it a purely customer-facing role that requires a high level of communication, does it require any manual labour like set up/pack down of events, is there any sales or lead generation involved, do you need staff to have prior experience in the role?


Who are our Staffing Managers?

Diana Golec – is based in Sydney and she looks after Sydney/Wollongong, ACT, SA, WA, and TAS.


Chelsea Lewis – is based in Newcastle and she looks after Newcastle/Central Coast, QLD, VIC, and NT.



Both Diana & Chelsea started with us many years ago as Brand Ambassadors, worked their way up to Team Leaders and then finally internally into full-time Staffing Managers. They know firsthand what it’s like to be on the ground as a brand ambassador and take great pride in using this experience to match the right staff to the right job for our clients.

If you have any questions about our process of matching staff to our job, please let us know. We take great pride in the quality of our work and are happy to discuss our process with you.


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