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5 Product Sampling Mistakes to Avoid


When introducing new products on the market, all businesses come up with plenty of ideas to appeal to the masses. Product sampling started in the 1850s and is still around today because it’s been proven effective over the years.

Whether it’s enticing customers to try a new product or re-evaluating one they haven’t tried in a long time, sampling can shift attitudes and boost sales. With the rise of experiential marketing, sampling has evolved significantly.

Here are some of the product sampling mistakes you need to avoid so your sampling campaign doesn’t fall into that trap:

1. Failure to hit the target market

Renowned marketing consultant Peter F. Drucker said the goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service suits him and sells itself.

It’s unwise to spend money on product samplings that wouldn’t go to the right people who are the most likely to buy the product. Yes, it’s common knowledge, however, oftentimes forgotten. It’s not about giving samples to as many individuals as possible, but it’s more to the right people to make it more effective.

Everyone is watching, never forget that everything that happens because of the product sampling campaign will have a big impact on your brand.

2. Poor staffing standards

Consumers will have a negative impression of the brand if the staff who are representing it are disengaged, poorly presented or lack product knowledge. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your campaign.

With Black Diamond, we make sure that all our brand ambassadors are well-equipped, from the moment they start with us to the day you use them for your campaign. Our brand ambassadors have gone through a rigorous hiring process and have met our high standards.

Part of our hiring process is also training our brand ambassadors. We make sure our brand ambassadors know how to sell your brand. On top of that, we encourage all clients to train our staff prior to every campaign so they can see the bigger picture, get familiar with the brand and understand the brief.

Our job is to help you, help our brand ambassadors, and make a lasting impact on your customers.

To know more about our hiring process, read our blog: What is our Secret Formula for Hiring the Best Brand Ambassadors in the Country?

3. Products with flaws

Just a reminder to never sample products that aren’t good quality. Time with the customers during product samples are considered precious. Just passing and telling their bad experience to someone else can tarnish your brand’s image. Show them your sincerity by offering your products their best.

4. Lacking campaign organisation

Our Account Managers are meticulous and highly organized. We encourage you to be the same because having a highly organised brand and a highly organized execution team, like Black Diamond Agency, is a match made in heaven and will ensure maximum impact for your campaign.

Our very best work is always with brands who plan ahead of time, have that budget matches their expectations and train our brand ambassadors ahead of time.

5. Overthinking brand scripts

Never overshadow your campaign with scripts for the brand ambassadors. It need not be complicated. Let the product speak for itself. Highly scripted lines or conversations, never go down well in a conversational tone which is how brand ambassadors interact with your market. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just let the brand ambassadors know what’s important vs what’s not important, give some guidelines and then let them do their thing!

And remember,

Some companies overlook the fact that product sampling might be the start of a long-term brand engagement. Any spark of consumer desire will swiftly die out if the next stage of interaction is not considered.

You’ll be well on your way to a rewarding, more satisfying sampling product experience – ones that you and your customers will cherish – that is if you’re working with a competent agency to make sure these mistakes won’t happen.

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