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The Benefits of Using a Temporary Recruitment Agency


Recruiting agencies are used by employers to find the right people to fill a vacancy in their company on a short-term, temporary, contractual, or permanent basis. The use of this kind of service is popular because it takes away the grunt of work for businesses to find the right employees for the roles they have to fill.


What does a temporary recruitment agency do for you?

Temporary recruiting agencies work closely with businesses to help hire employees that have the skills, experience, qualities, and education that meets the requirements of the company.

Part of what a recruiting agency does for you is finding applicants, screen their applications, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, do background checks, and for some, conduct training. It doesn’t matter whether the role is temporary, contractual or permanent, the same standard hiring process applies when recruiting applicants.

There are times when shortages in staff become inevitable and hiring staff takes a lot of time and effort. This is where your company can make use of a temporary recruiting agency. This is a very handy service when your company has the need for an internal hire and no time to spend finding the right person. You may ask yourself, what can I get out of using this service? Read on!


Benefits of Using a Temporary Recruitment Agency

There are many advantages to using a temporary recruitment agency, here, we have listed the main ones.

1. Save time and money

Hiring the right staff is a thorough, time-consuming process. Using a temporary recruitment agency can take the burden off your in-house hiring person. You don’t need to put up job advertisements, screen applicants, do reference checks and onboard. You just need to talk to the right people that can handle the job for you, and voila! Problem solved.

2. Trial your new employee

With Black Diamond, you can trial staff before hiring them internally, so you know you’ve got the right people for the job. We have a 3-month guarantee wherein if the person doesn’t work out within the first three months, we will refund our fee.*

3. Database of People to Choose From

We have been in the business for 11 years now, it is safe to say that we have accumulated quite a large number of people who have proven to be the best. They are the same promo staff who have been with us over the years and it means we know their strengths and weakness and what types of roles best fit their skill set.

When our clients meet our promo staff, they become impressed with the passion they have for their work. They love them to the point where they decide to hire them as part of their internal staff. That’s how we back it up when we say got the best in the industry!


Black Diamond offers a temporary recruitment service anywhere in Australia. If you want to give our services a try, send us a message or call us on (02) 8319 5544. We will gladly walk you through the process.

*Terms and conditions apply     


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